Love with sunshine, Thailand

Sunshine on your face and wind at your back, and your loved one stand by your side.

With sunshine and blue sky, only one thing missing to make a prefect photo is a smiling face. We are amazed with the energetic mood in ‪Bangkok.

There are a lot of inspiration in this lively city. Surprises can be found everywhere. Holding your loved one's hand and walking down a old street, you may meet with an aesthetic and sweet cafe. Standing at the edge of a rooftop bar, you can clink two glasses with a perfect view of sunset. With your smile, every moment is just perfect.

We always do not have a standard shooting routine each time. Our favorite thing to do in every new city is to just explore without an agenda. There may be a beautiful coffee shop, new attraction or exciting scene right at the next corner. You’ll never know until you try. Bangkok truly has something for everyone, so we keep exploring and we love sharing our travel journey with you.

Jeffrey & Isabel : )

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